oTHer Services

Providing a wide selection of the highest quality roofing services, Hershberger Brothers Roofing is a trusted roofing contractor in Wayne County, OH. But that’s only just the beginning.

more than just roofing contractors

In addition to our roofing contractors, Hershberger Brothers also offers many other services to improve your home. No matter what your needs are, our team of experts will recreate your home in your image. We pride ourselves on the dedication to all of our customers and the quality of work we provide. Below are just some of the key features involved in the roofing process, that our experts can handle.

roof repair


Gutters redirect rain and melting snow runoff to protect the foundation of your home. Our experienced team of experts has the knowledge and skills necessary to provide you with new durable gutters that will last for several decades.


A Fascia is the long, straight band underneath the edge of a roof which forms the outer surface of a cornice. It acts as a support system for rain gutters and tiles.

metal roofing


A soffit is the horizontal board underside of a structure to connect a retaining wall to projecting edges of a roof. They provide ventilation needed to avoid damage and decay.

residential roof


Siding forms the first line of defense against the heat and the cold, creating a more comfortable environment for your home. There is a wide variety of siding materials to choose from, each with their own unique benefits.

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